Wednesday 15.12.2021

Active since 2016 and having published nearly 30 fonts so far, the ECAL Typefaces website has been completely updated with a new design and new features:


ECAL Typefaces is the first online type foundry based within a university. Its initial remit was to respond to frequent requests to purchase typefaces featured in ECAL corporate communications such as posters, invitation cards and catalogues. The foundry is now fully embedded in the ECAL Master Type Design programme and also showcases work from the school’s Bachelor Graphic Design programme. All the fonts are designed by students.

From 2021 this new website will offer a broader overview of our students’ works. We have now added a ‘Stories’ tab to present an ever-evolving collection of student writings that reflect on the challenges that are driving contemporary type design forward. These essays are written and edited in the Master Type Design theory classes under the supervision of Wayne Daly and Roland Früh. The fonts sold on ECAL Typefaces typically originated from classes tutored by Kai Bernau, Matthieu Cortat, Alice Savoie or Radim Peško, as well as workshops led by internationally renowned guests. These provide students with the opportunity to help select typeface releases and determine how they represent their typefaces in a professional foundry. Their designs are developed from early sketches to workable files under the close supervision of Malte Bentzen.

The new version uses broader criteria and includes text fonts and larger families, enabling students to demonstrate a wider range of skills, thereby highlighting the working process. In addition, a new license model adds a more precise and clear approach to licensing fonts so that clients may find a license model that meets their needs more precisely. The design of the new website was created with the aim of making it easier for users to browse, test and purchase the typefaces.

Half of the income generated from sales goes directly to the students, with the remainder contributing to running costs, technical assistance and inviting guest lecturers to offer us their insights into the world of font design.

Font: «Buzz» by Quentin Coulombier

Available on ww.ecal-typefaces.ch