Studio project, ECAL 2022


by 2 MAP

Results of the evaluations of the first semester for the second year MA students. During this semester the students had the chance to work with Katy Hundertmark, Marco de Mutiis, Mazaccio & Drowilal among other teachers and lecturer for workshops and portfolio reviews. 

ECAL/Augustin Lignier, Messor Segnemtum

ECAL/Sophie Schreurs, Corpus Alienum

ECAL/Yang Su, Unnecessary Mountains to Return To

ECAL/Augustin Lignier, Interim Me

ECAL/Nikolai Frerichs, Blueprint of Boringness

ECAL/Yang Su, Clouds To Clouds To Clouds To Clouds

ECAL/Hikaru Hori, Slowpoke

ECAL/Alisa Strub, Like It Or Not