Workshop, ECAL 2022


by 2 MAP

Teacher(s): Milo Keller, Robin Bervini

During this five days workshop mentored by Milo Keller and Robin Bervini, the students worked in groups to create sublime environments inspired from reference photographs. The goal was to bring the viewer to a strange location to be observed from a static landmark. The students learned the basics of environment creation with the Unreal Engine 4 and they faced the technical complications in order to have their projects running on the standalone headset Meta Quest 2.

Fumi Omori, Luisa Tormenta

Gabriela Marciniak, Yuji Wang

Gina Bolle, Yumo Wu, Anzai Zhang

Benjamin Freedman, Moritz Jekat

Mattia Dagani Rio, Aniket Godbole