From 03.08.2022 to 13.08.2022
Locarno Film Festival

On the occasion of the 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival from 3 to 13 August 2022, many graduates of ECAL/Universityof Art and Design Lausanne will present movies:

Pardi di domani - concorso nazionale
A territory for expressive experimentation and innovative formal poetry, the Pardi di domani section showcases short and medium length films as world or international premieres.

  • Euridice, Euridice by Lora Mure-Ravaud, BA Cinema 2017 graduate. With the participation of Augustin Losserand (Camera), BA Cinema 2016 graduate

  • Fairplay by Zoel Aeschbacher, BA Cinema 2017 graduate

  • I'm the Only One I Wanna See by Lucia Martinez Garcia, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD 2018 graduate

  • Limites by Simon De Diesbach, BA Media & Interaction Design 2014 graduate

Locarno Filmmakers Academy 2022
This ten-day intensive program for young directors was created to meet the needs of a generation of filmmakers facing new challenges in terms of the production and distribution of their work.

  • Rokhaya Marieme Balde, MA Cinema 2022 graduate

  • Matias Carlier, BA Cinema 2021 graduate

  • Coline Confort, BA Cinema 2020 graduate

Spring Academy
Marking the invitation to Michelangelo Frammartino as guest of honor at L’immagine e la parola (12-13 March 2022), Locarno will again host a film workshop: twelve young filmmakers, selected via a worldwide call for entries, will each make a short film based on their reflections on the activation of the viewer’s role in a work of cinema.

  • Agnese Làposi, BA Cinema 2019 graduate

Panorama Switzerland
Film lovers from all over the world can thus discover contemporary Swiss productions at the Locarno Film Festival, through a specially curated section. A committee of representatives of the Solothurn Film Festival, the Swiss Film Academy and SWISS FILMS is in charge of the selection. 

  • Olga by Elie Grappe, BA Cinema graduate 2015

Scuole senza frontiere
For a dozen years, the Locarno Film Festival has been promoting a review of films made by young filmmakers during their training at national and international film and audiovisual schools. The CISA, academic partner of the Locarno Film Festival, has always coordinated the event by inviting Swiss and international film schools to present a selection of their best short films, for a fruitful exchange between universities and vocational schools from different regions, also working in synergy with the BaseCamp.

  • Les héritières by Avril Lehmann, BA Cinema 2021 graduate, with the participation of Fanny Reynaud (Photography), BA Cinema graduate 2020

  • Doosra by Keerthigan Sivakuma, BA Cinema 2021 graduate

  • Ramboy by Matthias Joulaud, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD 2022 graduate. With the participation of Yatoni Roy Cantu (Sound), MA Cinema 2022 graduate, and Selin Detwiller (Editing), MA CInéma 2020 graduate.

Fuori concorso
This section offers recent works by established filmmakers, out of competition, mostly presented in world or international premiere.. La dérive des continents (au sud) by Lionel Baier, head of the MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD and tutot at ECAL. Produced by Pauline Gygax (Bandita Films), head of the BA Cinema

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