ECAL 2017


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Professeur(s): Philippe Jarrigeon

 PIERRE HARDY & the ECAL/University of Art and

Design Lausanne present the exhibition Walk with

Pierre Hardy . Fifteen iconic models by the designer

were visually reinterpreted by the students of

Bachelor Photography under the direction of Philippe

Jarrigeon. Additionally, a luxurious special publication

marks the occasion.

Presented for the first time in November 2016 during

Paris Photo at the PIERRE HARDY boutique (Palais

Bourbon), this exhibition was a huge success. Pierre

Hardy thought that it was absolutely necessary to

share this event with his Japanese friends. Therefore,

the exhibition will be discovered from 18 to 22 May in

the exhibition space related to the PIERRE HARDY

boutique in Tokyo.

“I really enjoyed interacting with the students. At ECAL,

my role was very different from that of a teacher coaching

the students on their work – as I myself was the subject

I knew the stuff inside out! Just show me half a centimetre

of a heel and I instantly recognise the model which

I created”, says Pierre Hardy. The ECAL Bachelor

Photography students thus worked on various collections

produced by the Parisian designer in the past fifteen

years in order to give them a new visual interpretation.

Photographer Philippe Jarrigeon comments on the

method he chose to conduct this workshop at ECAL:

“Together with PIERRE HARDY’s team we selected fifteen

pairs of shoes in the archives – a purely practical decision

which allowed us to keep the models as long as we

wanted at ECAL. In addition, this allowed students to free

themselves from seasonal trends. At the beginning of the

workshop in October 2015, each student got a model on

which to work by drawing lots”.

This project allowed the students to question the

relationship between photography and footwear, and

by extension to confront the interconnection between

photography and fashion. Milo Keller, Head of Photography

at ECAL, observes that “Students, working without any

business constraints in that case, are less formatted

than a professional and therefore often offer unexpected

approaches”. The results are indeed surprising

and offbeat, sometimes even provocative or poetic,

but always treat the original creations with respect.

ECAL/Younès Klouche

ECAL/Milo Keller

ECAL/Jacques-Aurélien Brun

ECAL/Younès Klouche