ECAL 2018


par 3AV

Professeur(s): Luc Andrié, Stéphane Kropf

Some thoughts and starting points for an art event about Ta’ârof to be held at Bon Gah

Thinking the interrelations within the art world, taking as a starting point an Iranian artist run space inviting a visiting Swiss art school wishing to understand (or underscore…) if and how Ta’ârof may be of any help to try to build a temporary community, and make art.

Drawing on some recent UN General Assembly speeches, that Trick or Treat is the ultimate geopolitical strategy tool, where USA is working towards a « more just and peaceful future ».

Assuming that Switzerland is a neutral country and thereafter represents consular and diplomatic interests of USA in Iran.

Taking in consideration that the art community doesn’t differ from society in general: it is just a reductio ad absurdum. Artists tend to recognize each other globally, assuming some kind of moral superiority towards the rest of society, or at least pretending to understand the complex tissues of relationships and power relations that makes (and destroys) a community. But fundamentally there is almost no solidarity within the artists.

Ta’ârof continually questions hierarchy, be it the artist towards other artists, the artist towards the spectator and so on.

Ta’ârof plays the game of an ideal society, like art, where the artist is benevolent and humble towards the spectator.

Ta’ârof shows that every word always tends to have a hidden desire.

photo Romy Kettiger

photo Charly Mirambeau