Mardi 23.03.2021
En ligne, Zoom

Psychiatrist, essayist, theorist, and Algerian independence activist, Frantz Fanon (born in Fort-de-France in 1925, died in Bethesda in 1961) is a major figure of anti-colonial theory. From the decolonisation of the self, developed in "Black Skin, White Masks", to the use of violence in "The Wretched of The Earth", he fought against the conditions of a subaltern existence to go beyond race and colonial systems. The symposium seeks to open a conversational space, taking up Fanon’s attitude of refusal to consider contemporary art practices, structures, and theories.

In an effort to question the structures of contemporary society and the artistic field, lecturers share tools to become “conscious of [our] unconscious”, asking if the consciousness of structures instigates a renewal of thoughts and forms. The three conversation sessions are oriented around theories (counter-narratives), practices (regarding artists’ production), and means of action (by creating spaces, time and methodologies).


  • Stéphanie Moisdon, Head of Master Fine Arts

10:30am – 12pm

• Slavs and Tatars, artists collective

1:30pm – 3:30pm
The Politics of Images

• Noémi Michel, senior lecturer and researcher in Political Theory, UNIGE

• Deborah Joyce Holman, artist and curator, founder of the art space 1.1, associate director at Auto Italia

4pm – 6pm
Reparation and Means of Action

• Kader Attia, artist and founder of La Colonie

• Françoise Vergès, political scientist and feminist activist, founder of the association “Décoloniser les arts”.


• Olivia Fahmy, curator and art historian


• Olivia Fahmy, Lucas Erin, and Shirin Yousefi

The symposium will take place online on Zoom (click here).

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