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Professeur(s): Milo Keller

In Summer 2019, thirteen students from the ECAL Master’s in Photography programme supervised by Milo Keller travelled to Japan to work on thirteen individual projects in collaboration with Japanese photographer Taisuke Koyama within the framework of the Tokyo Photographic Research project. The students’ artworks range from still and moving images to computer-generated photographic visuals and explore multiple facets of the Japanese megalopolis which is, once again, undergoing major transformation in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Some projects focus on aspects specific to the city, from the destruction of small residential houses to the construction of the gigantic Olympic Village and the conquest of new territories by the sea. Other works investigate distinctive Japanese culture such as home-cooked food, the appetite for designing humanoid robots, the blending of child and adult worlds in manga, pachinko gambling, the reinvention of ikebana and young girls as ‘rising stars.’ Finally, the works seek to visually represent more abstract concepts such as loneliness, emptiness and intimacy in a city that, due to its density, size and power, offers a challenging, fascinating and extremely stimulating complexity to the eyes of the thirteen photographers. Higurashi has been presented at Espace Commines in Paris in November 2021, inside the exhibition Automated Photography during Paris Photo.

Head of Photography

Milo Keller

Invited TeacherTaisuke Koyama


Florian Amoser

Calum Douglas

Graphic Design

Thomas Le Provost


Craft by ECAL/Benoit Brun
& Raphaël De la Morinerie

ITC Garamond Std

Head of Culture and
Communications Embassy
of Switzerland in Japan

Jonas Pulver

DGES/Summer University

Maxline Stettler

Photography Students

Emidio Battipaglia

Robin Bervini

Jasmine Deporta

Anja Karolina Furrer

Alessia Gunawan

Christian Harker

Jung-Ting Hu

Johanna Hullár

Philipp Klak

Doruk Kumkumoglu

Igor Pjörrt

Jelly Luise

Gedvile Tamosiunaite


ECAL/University of Art
and Design Lausanne


Higurashi is available at ecal-shop.ch.


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