Research project, ECAL 2013


The sphere of mass media is deeply transformed by the irruption of network technologies. Thus, the editorial field of magazines faces an increasing phenomenon of fragmentation and differentiation. New editorial projects and new “communities of readers” appear, characterized by an unprecedented and innovative structure of diffusion and reception. These media are a paradox : they are at the same time products of high editorial complexity while being based on a restricted editorial structure. In this context, Multimodal Publishing aims at :

- developing new forms of magazines able to take part, even to anticipate the changes of the considered media ;

- characterizing the new design space authorized by this new press magazine mainly influenced by its various actors ;

- revealing and describing the new competences to be developed in a specific way, for and on behalf of the designers.

Main applicant

Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Pierre Fantys (project leader)

François Rappo
Erol Gemma, London. Project assistant.


Workshops direction: Jop van Bennekom, Maxime Buechi, Jason Evans, Jörg Koch, Erwan Frotin, Ian Party, Paolo Roversi, Maurice Scheltens, Christian Schwartz, Yorgo Tloupas, Gerard Unger.
Interviews and and theoretical contributions : Michel Guerrin, Angelo Cirimele, Lionel Bovier, Stéphanie Moisdon.

Mock up x36
Edited by l'ECAL, 2013

2009 - 2013

Funded by the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)

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