Research project, ECAL 2016


This project consists in a series of unprecedented experiments around the materiality of printed matter : ink, paper, printing techniques. Based on the available tools, various processes will be rigorously tested and random experiments will be carried out, then filtered and eventually presented in a publication, halfway between an artist book and a technical handbook.

A first result is a database of color profiles for artists, designers and printers who are looking for a novel yet professional color management solution. These new tools can convert images for printing devices using two, three, four or five spot colors. It offers a large variety of combinations, from basic colors to metallics, neons and pastels.


Main applicant

Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL)

Tatiana Rhis (project leader)

Guy Meldem,
David Keshavjee,
Julien Tavelli


Current research, from September 2014

Funded by the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)

Les impressions magiques, 2011

Les impressions magiques, 2011