From 01.05.2018 to 01.06.2018
Gallery l'elac [map]

After the DOC in Paris, the exhibition created by the American artist Will Benedict with the students of the ECAL Master Fine Arts of the ECAL stops at the Gallery elac.

Opening reception on Tuesday 1st May 2018 from 6pm to 8 pm

Exhibition from 2 May to 1st June 2018
From Wednesday to Friday, 1pm to 5pm 
(closed during 
the Ascension Week-end). 

Artists Anaïs Aik, Will Benedict, Daniele Bonini, Stefania Carlotti, Loucia Carlier, Sara Cavicchioli, Raquel Dias, Caterina De Nicola, Pauline Forté, Emilie Fradella, Magdalena Froger, Charlie Gay, Catherine Heeb, Lorenza Longhi, Léa Jullien, Mandine Knöpfel, Una Björg Magnúsdóttir, Julie Monot, Agathe Naito, Jérôme Pfister, Alessandro Polo, Marco Rigoni, Hélène Spycher, Jeanne Wéry

Gallery l’elac
Av. du Temple 5
CH-1020 Renens

Image ECAL/Julie Monot