ECAL Conference: Cécile B. Evans

Wednesday 11 December, 6pm, ECAL

ECAL Xmas Market 2019

Wednesday 18 December, 6pm to 9pm, ECAL

Fonds international d’objets imprimés de petite taille

From 22 November to 13 Decembrer, Gallery l'elac

The online registrations are open!

ECAL Conference: Sneaker Collab (with the mudac)

Thursday 5 December, 6:30pm, ECAL

City of Renens Encouragement Award 2019

From 5 (opening) to 21 December, Espace CJS, Renens

Launch of ecal-shop.ch

Books, art editions, products, typefaces...

ECAL at Paris Photo: Brutal 003

From 7 (opening) to 9 November, Au Roi, Paris

ECAL Residence at La Becque – Academic Year 2019-2020

"Workbays Village" exhibition with Vitra

From 1st October (opening reception) to 6 November 2019, Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein

Collaboration Swatch X ECAL

Swatch and ECAL release Swatch X You designs

ECAL at Dubai Design Week

From 11 to 16 November

Usefulless: exhibition by MA Fine Arts

From 7 (opening) to 15 November 2019, Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris

Innovation by Design Challenge Award

Tuesday 19 November 2019, ECAL, Renens

"100 beste Plakate 18" exhibition

From 29 October (openng) to 15 November, Gallery l'elac


From 7 to 9 November, Beaux-Arts, Paris

ECAL Research Day 2019

Friday 8 November, ECAL, Renens

ECAL Conference: Skylar Tibbits

Thursday 7 November, 5.30pm, ECAL

ECAL Diplômes 2019

From 10 october to 8 November, ECAL, Renens

Zoel Aeschacher, BA Cinema graduate, won a student Oscar

Screening of the Bachelor diploma films

Thursday 31 October at 7pm, Capitole Cinema, Lausanne

Vfg Young Talents in Photography Award 2019

From 10 (opening reception) to 18 October, Galerie l'elac, Renens

ECAL at Mexico City

From 9 to 13 October 2019, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño

Guardare l’utopia – Biennale dell'Imagine di Chiasso

From 5 October to 10 November, Piazza dei Colori & Casa Corti

ECAL Conferences: David LaChapelle

Tuesday 8 October at 6pm, ECAL

Screening of MA Cinema films with the Opale Foundation

Wednesday 10 October at 6pm, Cinéma Bourg, Sierre

ECAL Lecture: Shirana Shahbazi

Wednesday 13 November, 6pm, ECAL

Empowerment Summit: Business risks & opportunity in a data-driven economy

Thursday 3 October at ECAL

New York Art Book Fair – 20 to 22.09

Unseen Art Book Fair Amsterdam – 20 to 22.09

ECAL Conferences: Camille Henrot, Artist, Paris

Wednesday 18 September at 6pm, Paris

ECAL at Numerik games

From 30 August to 1st Sepgtember, Yverdon-les-Bains

"Ring my Bell" at Design Biennale Zürich

From 29 August to 1st Septembre 2019

Exibition: VideoArt Festival Locarno: a Prospective

From 8 August to 20 October, Elisarion, Minusio

L'ECAL at the Locarno Film Festical 2019

From 7 ti 17 August Locarno

Pierre Keller: 1945-2019

Graduation Day 2019

Awards & Grants

ECAL at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival

From 6 to 12 July, Théatre du Passage, Neuchâtel

"Hola Mi Amol" by Karla Hiraldo Voleau

Thursday 4 July, book launch at the Rencontres d'Arles

11 ECAL graduates winners of the Swiss Art + Design Awards

Exhibition from 11 to 16 June, Art Basel

ECAL at Lausanne Jardins 2019

From 15 June to 12 October, Terrasse de Bellefontaine, Lausanne

Exhibition ECAL x Bloc studios

From 6 to 9 June, EDIT Napoli

BA Graphic Design and BA Photography in La Chaux-de-Fonds

From 17 May (opening reception) to 23 June, Quartier Général

"U-Joints" exhibition

From 1st (cocktail) to 29 May, Gallery l'elac, ECAL

INFORMATION MESH by BA Media & Interaction Design

Project in collaboration with swissnex San Francisco

"ECAL Digital Market" in Japan

From 23 to 29 May, CIBONE Tokyo

ECAL Cinéma in Renens

Thursday 20 June, 9:30pm, Market Place


From 17 to 19 May, Tate Modern

Exhibition «When the Air Becomes Electric»

From 30 April (opening) to 2 June, Centre de la photographie Geneva

ECAL Conferences: Claudia Comte, artist, Berlin

Tuesday 14 April at 6pm, ECAL

ECAL Milano 2019: Sound & Vision

From 9 to 14 April, Spazio Orso 16

ECAL Milano 2019: ECAL x Marsotto Lab

From 9 to 14 April, Corso Garibaldi 50

ECAL Milano 2019: Objects for Nomadic Life

From 9 to 14 April, SaloneSatelite

Exhibition "Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship"

From 23 March to 3 May, National Design Center, Singapore

ECAL Conferences: Mitch Paone, creative director DIA

Wednesday 17 April at 6pm, ECAL

ECAL Masterclasses & Screenings: Werner Herzog

8, 9, 15 April at ECAL and Visions du Réel, Nyon

"A minuit au bar du Grand Hôtel des Palmes"

Exhibition from 27 march (opening reception 6pm) to 5 April, Gallery l'elac, ECAL

Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne, Masterclasses ECAL: Jeremy Thomas, Andreï Zviaguintsev, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Joel Coen, Agnès Jaoui

From 7 to 9 March 2019, ECAL

ECAL Masters Tour 2019

From 6 to 20 March: Lugano, Basel, Zurich

ECAL Conferences: Swiss Typefaces

Thursday 14 February 2019, 6 pm, ECAL

Screening: ECAL and La Fémis at Louxor, Paris

Thursday 14 February 2019 at 6:45pm

"ECAL Made" at Maison & Objet

From 18 to 22 January 2019, Paris

ECAL Concerts: Arto Lindsay

Thursday 21 March à 7.30pm, Cinema Studio, ECAL

ECAL Cinema at Solothurn Days 2019

From 24 to 31 January 2019, Solothurn

ECAL presents Loucia Carlier at artgenève 2019

From 31 January to 3 February, Palexpo Geneva

ECAL Open Day 2019

Saturday 2 February 2019 (exhibitions until 8 February)

ECAL Events on the map (past, present, future)