Bachelor Graphic Design

From the conception to the production of all related media and printed matter (posters, books, newspapers and magazines), including the experimentation of digital media, digital publishing and motion design, this programme targets students wishing to master the tools and languages inherent in graphic design. Prospective, pragmatic and experimental, this Bachelor course is provided in the framework of the Visual Communication Department, which concurrently offers crossover courses and projects enabling students to acquire multidisciplinary skills (photography, interaction design, film). 

Through courses and workshops provided by major figures on the Swiss and international scene, the students apprehend the various fields of graphic design such as editorial design, typography, illustration, or brand identity and art direction. Involvement in exhibitions, publications or assignments commissioned by institutions provides an actual immersion into the professional world. The students also benefit from a wide range of theoretical courses and conferences on the ECAL premises. 

The skills and projects acquired throughout the curriculum serve to produce a portfolio of the highest professional standards. Whether they aim to become graphic designer, typographer or art director, either self-employed or working for a company, students who train at ECAL have a wide range of opportunities to choose from when they complete their CV. If they so wish they may also pursue in their chosen discipline by doing the Master Type Design at ECAL or an equivalent programme in another institution.

Head Visual Communication
Vincent Jacquier

Head Graphic Design
Angelo Benedetto

Angelo Benedetto
Harry Bloch, Amsterdam
Diego Bontognali, Zurich
Gilles Gavillet
Guy Meldem
Aurèle Sack
Nicole Udry

Professors (multidisciplinary fields)
Alain Bellet
Claus Gunti, Bern
Vincent Jacquier
Milo Keller
Violène Pont
François Rappo
Pauline Saglio
Anouk Schneider, London

Sébastien Agnetti
Alexandre Balgiù, Paris
Jonas Berthod, London
Sami Benhadj
Angelo Cirimele, Paris
Cyrille Piguet
Lionel Tardy
Jonas Wandeler, Zurich

Visiting Lecturers
Ludovic Balland, Bâle
Bibliothèque, Londres
Mirko Borsche, Munich
Maxime Büchi, Londres
Gilles de Brock, Antwerp
Veronica Ditting, Amsterdam
Sonya Dyakova, Londres
Europa, Londres
Huber/Sterzinger, Zurich
Ronny Hunger, Zurich
Pierre Keller
Eike Koenig (HORT), Berlin
Dafi Kühne, Glaris
Florian Lamm (Lamm & Kirch), Leipzig
Mevis & Van Deursen, Amsterdam
Maureen Moorren, Amsterdam
Karl Nawrot, Lyon
Noir Associates, Zurich
NORM, Zurich
Mitch Paone (DIA Studio), New York
Damien Poulain, Paris
Brian Roettinger, Los Angeles
Michiel Schuurman, Amsterdam
Spin Studio, Londres
Studio Feixen, Lucerne
Studio Joost Grootens, Amsterdam
Hansje van Halem, Amsterdam
Cornel Windlin, Berlin
Job Wouters, Amsterdam

Pietro Alberti 
Gianni Camporota
Clio Hadjigeorgiou
Amaury Hamon 
Thomas Prost

Diploma project of Jules Boulaert.
Sans filtre
Diploma project of Lisa Rebeca.
Nous, Fabrice Gorgerat
Diploma project of Pauline Perret.
Diploma project of David Massara.
Between Myths and Reality
Diploma project of Sandi Gazic.
Ordinaire singulier, antiguide de Berlin
Diploma project of Giulia Ferla.
Alessandro Calabrese — The Long Thing
Diploma project of Federico Barbon
It's OK
Diploma project of Mathilde Avogadro.
Babel, Bαβέλ, لباب ,לבב
Diploma project of Clara Aboulker.
Diploma project of Fanélie Muselier.
Κυπριώτικο Σκετς / [kipri’otiko skets] / Cypriot Sketch
Diploma project by Clio Hadjigeorgiou
From Public to Public
Diploma project by Thomas Prost
Moins Zéro
Workshop with Denis Roueche and Prune Simon-Vermot
Workshop with Giliane Cachin
Workshop with Giliane Cachin (Zurich)
Projet de création
Course with Guy Meldem
Multiple Choice
Course with Gilles Gavillet and Jonathan Hares
Type Design
Course with Aurèle Sack
Design en contexte
Course with Nicole Udry
Identité Visuelle
Course with Jonas Wandeler
Editorial Design
Course with Diego Bontognali
Type Design
Course avec Aurèle Sack
Editorial Design
Course with Harry Bloch
Communication of a press article
Project week with Nicole Udry
Image creation
Course avec Guy Meldem