Master Film Studies

Developing a personal cinematographic vision, understanding the film-making process and apprehending the stakes of production so as to pave the way for graduates to smoothly join professional circles – such are the main objectives of this programme. This Master course, which is unique in Europe, is aimed at the holders of a Bachelor’s degree, or with equivalent experience, wishing to further their knowledge in one of the following fields: directing, writing, editing, sound or producing.

Through courses and workshops provided by renowned lecturers in each field, the students develop a personal project throughout the curriculum. For their master project, they are involved in the production (directing, writing, editing, sound or producing) of a short, medium or full-length film of a previously set genre (fiction, documentary, TV series, art-house, transmedia…). Some films gain international visibility through renowned festivals or by being shown on TV.

This Master programme relies on a partnership between ECAL and HEAD/Geneva University of Art and Design and on collaborations with Lausanne University (UNIL), Zurich University (UZH), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK), the Swiss National Film Archive in Lausanne, Swiss National Broadcasting RTS, and la Manufacture (school of performing arts) in Lausanne, University of Music Lausanne and Swiss Literature Institute in Bienne.


Registration deadline, interview www.ecal.ch/en/admission


4 semesters

Yearly fees (materials included) 

CHF 2225.–


120 ECTS


French and English

Qualification issued

Master of Arts HES-SO in Cinema, major in Direction, Scenario, Editing, Sound or Production


Lionel Baier (ECAL)

Jean Perret (HEAD – Genève)


Anne Delseth

Professors and Visiting Lecturers

Elsa Amiel, Paris

Claire Atherton, Paris

Nathalie Baye, Paris

Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Grenoble

Pierre Bismuth, Bruxelles

Stéphane Bouquet, Paris

Louise Bourgouin, Paris

Serge Bozon, Paris

Jean-Stéphane Bron, Paris

Robert Cantarella, Paris

Djinn Carrenard, Berlin

Lolita Chammah, Paris 

Michael Cimino, New York

Donigan Cumming, Toronto

Abdel Raouf Dafri, Paris

Thierry de Peretti, Ajaccio

Dieter Fahrer

Philippe Faucon, Toulon

Laetitia Fèvre, Paris

Emmanuel Finkiel, Paris

Jennifer Fox, New York

Pauline Gaillard, Paris

Amos Gitaï, Haïfa

Delphine Gleize, Bordeaux

Mahamat Saleh Haroun, Paris

Nicolas Humbert, Hambourg

Mike Hoolboom, Toronto

Jean-Christophe Hym, Paris

Antoine Jaccoud

Simon Jaquemet, Zurich

Tom Kalin, New York

Anurag Kashyap, Mumbai

Alanté Kavaïté, Vilnius, 

Marthe Keller, Paris

Stéphane Kuthy, Zurich, 

Joachim Lafosse, Bruxelles

Sébastien Lifshitz, Paris

Eric Loret, Paris

Noémie Lvovsky, Paris

Vincent Macaigne, Paris

Ursula Meier, Bruxelles

Peter Mettler, Toronto

Luc Moullet, Paris

Bettina Oberli, Zurich 

Ruben Östlund, Göteborg

François Ozon, Paris

Vasco Pimentel, Lisbonne

Aude Py, Paris

Katell Quillévéré, Paris

Philippe Ramos, Paris

Charlotte Rampling, Paris

Gianfranco Rosi, Rome

Emmanuel Salinger, Paris

Ulrich Seidl, Vienne

Florence Seyvos, Paris

Eyal Sivan, Tel-Aviv

Bela Tarr, Sarajevo

Marianne Tardieu, Paris

Anne-Dominique Toussaint

Cécile Vargaftig, Paris

Teresa Villaverde, Lisbonne

Nicolas Wadimoff, Genève

Production and broadcasting assistant

Jean-Guillaume Sonnier (ECAL)


Marie-Elsa Sgualdo (HEAD)

The invisible sanctuary
In Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, Masayo Fujio and Nobuko Takahashi narrates the painful account of their life. Through their stories, mingled with that of the district, Suujin, the past of an invisible Japanese community that is still discriminated against today gradually surfaces again.
Diploma film sets
Heaven of the beasts
At night, the sky appears while the mysterious beast approaches. The astronomer and the hunter are pursuing the unknown.
Off Piste
In the snowy peaks of Jura, a young man who is smooth in every respect is confronted with his own cowardice.
We’ve not like spiders nets from grief’s saliv.
Suffering from insomnia, Nina, a young woman leaves Paris to return in Provence, in his hometown. Following the unexplained disappearance of his sister, stranges phenomena take place and seem to be addressed to her. One night, Nina sees something, an apparition that will lead her in her sister's footsteps.
Edge of the season
After the death of her father, Cloé and her mother go to their familial chalet on an isolated mountain to disperse his ashes. Between mourning and boredom, Cloé finds the courage to tell her mother that she does not want to see her anymore.
Sister Jarariju
In the middle of an austere landscape contaminated by a coal mine in northern Colombia, Viviana and Yandris, two teenage sisters of the Wayuu ethnic group, discover their traditions through ancestral rituals. At the death of their father and, in an act of audacity and courage, the sisters Jarariju leave their country.
Diploma film posters
Master Cinema at the Clermont Film Festival
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Table ronde lors des Journées cinématographiques de Soleure, 27 janvier 2018
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