Diploma project, ECAL 2012


by Philippe Karrer

The publication Spheres is the creative documentation of a close collaboration between an artist and the editor, graphic designer Philippe Karrer. Every issue is dedicated to a young artist and their work, in each case exploring character, surroundings, everyday life, inspirations and ideas using unconventional innovative formats so as to create a different, more visual approach and understanding of the artist and their work. The focus lies on what is important to the artist during the period of collaboration for the publication, hereby capturing a certain essence of the artist’s work at that time. Not only can the reader dive in to the artist’s world, receiving small personal snippets of the life in and around their art, but also (and perhaps even more importantly) the way in which the artist chooses to present things in the publication gives the reader an idea of the artist’s whole artistic sphere. For this first issue of Spheres, Philippe Karrer invited Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo to present herself and her work. An image archive to show Bonajo’s inspirations, a visual interview as a dialogue between editor and artist and text contributions by Annelies Blijveld, Jaimey Hamilton and Joël Vacheron make up this first issue of Spheres.


ART DIRECTION, Spheres, Philippe Karrer 1345

Spheres, Philippe Karrer, 2012