From 09.04.2013 to 14.04.2013
Palazzo Morando, Milan

On the occasion of “Highlights“ organized by Baccarat, “Lights of Harcourt” displays a collection of lamps produced by ECAL students in the Product Design Master and Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship. This collaboration with Baccarat is the outcome of a workshop with designer Camille Blin.

In the wake of a collaboration initiated in 2011, Baccarat and ECAL are pursuing their joint reflection in 2013 around the iconic Harcourt range. Under the supervision of designer Camille Blin, five pairs of students in the Product Design Master and Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship designed the “Lights of Harcourt” collection for Baccarat — a panorama of intriguing, contemporary lamps.

“From molten matter to the end-product, via crystal cutting, we sought to light up — in the literal and figurative sense — the qualities of this material rife with a unique historical past”, Camille Blin explains. Questioning all aspects of the glassmakers’ know-how and reinterpreting the 6-facet motif of the famous Harcourt glass, each project diverts the Baccarat emblem from its original function to delve into the magical mysteries of crystal. You discover a tribute to the sculptures of Ettore Sottsass with a modular lamp with multi-faceted effects. In the subtly playful dance-hall spirit, a traditional light bulb is robed in facets, mounted as a garland or magnified on a lamp stand. Hinting at the surrealist universe of Salvador Dali,
a project diverts the crystal’s properties to turn it into a coat with a bevelled lining which wraps around a metal structure. Enshrined in a crystal goblet, a spotlight allows you to freely position the light. Available in an infinite variety of colours, another concept focuses on the refraction phenomena displayed by crystal. Boasting the obvious look of a child’s masterpiece, a lamp makes the traditional Harcourt hexagon at its heart beat with emotion.


Composition Milano 2013 Harcourt Baccarat Exihibition 3283

Composition. Photo ECAL/Milo Keller