Diploma project, ECAL 2013


Sophie Ballmer, Travaux de nuit

Different figures follow each other and progressively build a small theatre of art history. The shapes are deformed, reduced to a simple representation, and pass before our eyes, mobilizing commonplaces and stereotypes.

This game plays with a tradition that needs to be discussed. The exploration is light, uninhibited, and the path gets intriguing when it joins document research with knowledge criticism. Travaux de nuit is a subjective overview that shows its operating system, emphasizing the way the journey is made.

Grégory Corthay, Personne

Explore the variety of media to experience the range of perceptions. Translate and face toward the horizon of emptiness welcoming the native return of an origin. The taste of travel narrative and stroll contributes to a significant cosmogony around notions of landscape, our presence within its conquest and reveals visions of legends, traditions and innovations.

Sylvain Croci-TortiUncomfortably Numb

In my work the canvas is used to reproduce and reinterpret different influences, from TCS (Swiss Automobile Club) to EMI. The long and painstaking preparation of the canvases contrasts with the quick, efficient and radical gestures with which the paint is applied. Just like a punk song played on a fancy Gibson.

Lucile Dupraz, Higher Than It Is Wide

Higher Than It Is Wide is a lecture performance paced to a stream of pictures, all of which portray the same sitter. Handling these visuals as I speak, I weave together threads of descriptive and technical language while forming narrative patterns. These take the audience through thoughts occurring to an image maker, those formed by a viewer, and transcriptions of camera or computer processes.

Wishing to address the act of looking by means of spoken words I chose a hybrid medium for a composite task. I thus saw the photograph's mute, frozen likeness evolve to richer nuances, by dint of its translation into gestures and phrasings uttered live.

Sophie Ballmer ECAL diploma 5189

ECAL/Sophie BallmerTravaux de nuit

Grégory Corthay ECAL diploma 5190

ECAL/Grégory CorthayPersonne

Sylvain Croci-Torti ECAL diploma 5191

ECAL/Sylvain Croci-TortiUncomfortably Numb

Lucile Dupraz ECAL diploma 5192

ECAL/Lucile DuprazHigher than it is wide

Agnès Ferla ECAL diploma 5195

ECAL/Agnès FerlaLucky Horizon - Tree Fern - Translation

Matthias Gabi ECAL diploma 5196

ECAL/Matthias GabiBeauty (Daniela)

Benjamin Husson ECAL diploma 5199

ECAL/Benjamin HussonPlayground Assisted Twice

Emil Michael Klein ECAL diploma 5208

ECAL/Emil Michael KleinMetallic Pieces

Cécile Mestelan ECAL diploma 5212

ECAL/Cécile Mestelança + ça = ça

Kyung Roh Bannwart ECAL diploma 5217

ECAL/Kyung Roh BannwartThings Incontestable and Granted

Matthias Sohr ECAL diploma 5218

ECAL/Matthias Sohr, One Down, Two Down, Shut Down, Painterly

Natacha Steiner ECAL diploma 5220

ECAL/Natacha SteinerA Day Without Swell

David Weishaar ECAL diploma 5226

ECAL/David Weishaar, Dwarf / Night III / Dog Night