ECAL 2015


by 3CVPH

From 13 to 27 March 2015, the city of Renens and ECAL /University of Art and Design of Lausanne present "1020 Renens", a project by the students of the 3rd year Bachelor Photography led by Nicolas Faure, for his latest project as a teacher at ECAL. Discover Renens otherwise through original images presented in an exhibition and a book.

Publication «1020 Renens»
Soft Cover,  204 pages, 153 photographs (color and black/white) 
Texts by Marianne Huguenin (syndicate of Renens), Alexis Georgacopoulos (director of ECAL), Milo Keller (Head of Bachelor Photography)
Interview with Nicolas Faure (photographer et professor at ECAL) by Joël Vacheron, sociologist et critic of photography
ISBN 978-2-9700962-4-5
Price Chf 30.—
Available by the city of Renens or at ECAL

With the support of the Foundation Baccarini, the Presses Centrales SA, the inter-service electricity (SIE SA).

Photo Milo Keller

Photo/ECAL Benoit Jeannet

Photo/ECAL Benoit Jeannet

Photo/ECAL Alexandre Haefeli

Photo/ECAL Etienne Malapert

Photo Nicolas Faure

reproduction/ECAL Axel Crettenand

reproduction/ECAL Axel Crettenand