Tuesday 29.09.2015
Granaiolo [map]

The famous Italian brand Emilio Pucci pairs with the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne for a collaboration born at Granaiolo, the brand’s archive and talent center nearby Florence. During a three-day workshop led by Vincent Jacquier, a selection of students and assistants from the school’s Visual Communication Department had the opportunity to explore and reinterpret signature prints.

«Interactive Scarves» is the first of a series of surprising projects originated from their endeavors and achievements during the workshop. The designer Pauline Saglio has developed a three-pieced installation that proposes an innovative and poetic way to discover a scarf. The colors, shapes and compositions of each Emilio Pucci print are enhanced by light and sound to alter the perception of the iconic object, offering visitors a magical experience that stimulates all of the senses.

Created by Clémence Chatel (Bachelor Graphic Design graduate), the second project is “Dolce Vita”, a set of irreverent patterns brimming with motifs of Italian culture – pasta, ice cream and more – in this case used to deck out skateboards rather than Pucci’s coveted fashions. Produced in a limited edition, the skateboards are available in seven bubbly prints on two different styles.

A special video dedicated to this project is available on Nowness


Video "Interactive Scarves" by ECAL/Pauline Saglio

"Interactive Scarves" by ECAL/Pauline Saglio

"Dolce Vita" by ECAL/Clémence Chatel