Workshop, ECAL 2016


by 2CVPH

Burrowstagram - asocial media today

"Once i dug a hole in the ground close by the Karlsruhe Palace, with a swiss knife, in the middle of a meadow.

The hole had the dimensions of 25 cm depths to a diameter of 15 cm. Holes are important in photography. With 1/4 liter of sparkling mineral water and a hand full of the excavated earth I mixed a soft and creamy fluid with which i lubricated my left foot.

Tenderly i slipped the foot into the burrow and left it there for 37 days, eyes closed i listened to the sound of the birds and the wind in the trees."

ECAL/Younès Klouche

ECAL/Marvin Leuvrey & Yasmina Gonin

ECAL/Carmen Grange

ECAL/Florian Amoser

ECAL/Florian Amoser

Making of by Stefan Burger

ECAL/Nicolas-Guy Kunz