ECAL 2016


by maxime guyon

CAL is the only school invited by the Festival Circulation(s) at the 104 in Paris until the 7 of August. 

“Skeuomorphic” is a body of work created by three ECAL Bachelor Photography graduates, Jacques-Aurélien Brun, Maxime Guyon and Jean-Vincent Simonet, and set designed with Marceau Avogadro and Anaïs Benoit Dignac, Bachelor Industrial Design graduates. An observational practice of the physical and contextual form of the photography medium has took place in the past year. Whether they record abstract visuals, re-appropriate commercial aesthetic discourse or playing with a whole delightful digitized chaos, the three artists here ended their process with the question of the persistently shifting modes of the photography media today. Their natural collaboration came in the investigation of physicality in photography. The apprehension of the image as an object dissipate the initial narratives from the three distinct bodies of work, but also attempts to expand the visual experiment on the current extreme ubiquity context that undergoes this medium. 


Exhibition view by ECAL/Jean-Vincent Simonet