Studio project, ECAL 2017


by Amaury Hamon

Teacher(s): Jonathan Hares, Gilles Gavillet, Aurèle Sack

27.03.1977 ((1706:50)) aims to analyse forty years later, the different factors which led to the deadliest accident in aviation history—the Tenerife Airport Disaster—which occured in Los Rodeos Airport, in March 27, 1977 in the Canary Islands, in Spain. Gathering official and documentary sources of references, it is a visualization of the interferences, present under multiple sorts: temporal, visual, behavioral and audio. We wish by this book not only to investigate factors of danger in aeronautics, but also to shape a better future for Aviation Security and Air Traffic Control.

27.03.1977 ((1706:50)), Amaury Hamon