Workshop, ECAL 2018


by 1CVPH

Teacher(s): Renate Buser, Milo Keller

For a week, the Swiss artist Renate Buser led a workshop with students in first year Bachelor Photography. The ECAL building, a former factory converted into an art school in 2006 by architect Bernhard Tschumi, was the starting point for their photographic explorations. The rules of the game: two black and white films per student and darkroom prints that helped define the initial framework.

By taking advantage of the constraints, the varied results illustrate the creativity of the students who experiment with options in shooting, drawing and installation.

ECAL/ Lucien Grandjean

ECAL/ Sarah Koeke

ECAL/ Steven Rüthy

ECAL/ Emeline Courcier

ECAL/ Marie Noury

ECAL/ David Benito Py

ECAL/ Justine Willa

ECAL/ Antoine Martin

ECAL/ Guillaume Schilter