Workshop, ECAL 2019


by 2DI

Teacher(s): Marie Douel, Emile Barret

Marie Douel and Emile Barret from Hors Pistes led a workshop with the 2nd year bachelor in industrial design. They asked the students to create a maze made entirely from the paper waste of the ECAL printing centre.

Based on the principle of the exquisite corpse, each group created one part of the labyrinth with a strong aesthetic and structural approach, allowing the visitor to get lost in distinct universes.  

Gwenaëlle Auvry, Théo Blanchard, Victorine Lefebvre, Noémie Soriano

Delphine Lejeune, Ryota Mizoguchi, Juri Römmel, Christoph Wimmer

Elie Eliez, Alan Schopfer, Celestin Tanari

Lucie De Martin, Marine Fondin, Souhaïb Ghanmi, Julie Racaud

Mariko Ito, Stéfanie Kay, Clara Bertière, Manon Novelli

Jeanne Blatter, Eugénie Perrin, Margaux Mandrou, Marina Kottler

Thomas Blaser, Julien Lindt, Jillian Reichlin, Luca Scalea