From 05.09.2021 to 10.09.2021
MUJI Store, Milan

Following the MUJI method of carefully observing everyday routines to uncover specific needs, leading to the creation of intuitive and handy products, Japanese brand MUJI presents – on the occasion of the Milan Design Week  (5-10 September) – a collection of clever household furniture and accessories to help tidy up our daily life, imagined by Bachelor Industrial Design students from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, under the guidance of Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, Head of the programme, and Swiss designer Michel Charlot.

Poster with explanations

An important part of MUJI’s product development is based on detailed photographic studies of people homes. Thus, Bachelor Industrial Design students were asked to follow the same design process by documenting the spontaneous state of their own home and other peoples’ surroundings to reveal the way they interact with products and identify how objects are put to use as direct inspiration for their design.

The resulting collection of household furniture and accessories features a series of discreet steel wire basket trolleys designed to roll and stow away seamlessly under your furniture; a collapsible flat angle chair that also serves as a handy minimalist side table; a simple pole with slits that can be fitted with just about any hook or hanger to organise your clothes; a compact bedside table with just the right proportions and a convenient adjustable storage shelf to hide your smartphone away when you turn in for the night; sleek and easy-to-mount frames whose outer edge doubles as a clip for your notes and cards; and a wall organiser made of sturdy laminated Crepe paper, available by the metre – to name just a few.

Press preview : 5 September, 9am – 11 am

Opening hours : 5 – 10 September, 11am – 7pm

MUJI Milan Store
Via Torino 22
20123 Milano

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FICHTRE & Adrien Kaeser

Exhibition in Milan

Images by ECAL/Jimmy Rachez

Bedside Table

Design by ECAL/Noémie Soriano
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Clip Hanging Frames

Design by ECAL/Eugénie Perrin
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Corner Shelf

Design by ECAL/Marine Fondin
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Folding Chair

Design by ECAL/Alan Schopfer
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Hanger Pole

Design by ECAL/Stéfanie Kay
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Insect House
Design by ECAL/Jillian Reichlin
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Whiteboard/Mirror Shelf
Design by ECAL/Manon Novelli
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Paper Wall Pocket
Design by ECAL/Lucie De Martin
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Pole Storage System
Design by ECAL/Juri Römmel
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Steel Wire Basket Trolley
Design by ECAL/Théo Blanchard
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Stepladder Basket
Design by ECAL/Victorine Lefebvre
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Valet Stand

Design by ECAL/Julien Lindt
Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta